SA Post Office could join SAA in succumbing to effects of Covid-19


Johannesburg -The South African Post Office (SAPO) could join the likes of out African Airways (SAA)  as one of the state-owned entities that succumb to the effects of Covid-19.

MPs were sent an update on the financial health of the entity on Tuesday night.

The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies briefed parliament about its programmes and projects dealing with the coronavirus.

The department mentioned that there had always been challenges with systems at the Post Office even before the lockdown.

Director General Robert Nkuna told the committed that the department had asked the Sapo for a report on its finances so they can asses the situation.

He further warned that paying salaries could become a problem: “I wouldn’t like that the Post Office is going to be one of the entities that will be severely affected.”

He also added that as the department they are concerned about the 9,000 pay points for social grants that they have  with previous contractor Cash Paymaster Services.

He added that during the Covid-19 period, people who normally collect their money from Post Bank now also collect at SASSA points ad at grocery retailers.

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