Zizo Tshwete breaks down


Johannesburg – This past Tuesday, celebrities lent their voices to #BlackOutTuesday in honour of the Black Lives Matter movement. Celebrities shared their stories of the abuse they have experienced.

One celerity who has been rocked by this and was not afraid to show it is media personality Zizi Tshwete.

The media personality took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the recent events.

“We need to start seeing REAL change! I want to leave a different inheritance for our children. We need to step up every single day, in whichever way that we can to make that a reality. Where our kids don’t have to have these same fights! What do you stand for! We need a generation willing to make it happen! This is a fight for us all!” she captioned the video post.

Tshwete added that she had to park on the side of the road so she could pour her heart out.

She continues to encourage people to stop looking for outside help but be the change they want to see.

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