Young woman gang-raped in Joburg CBD

South Africa

A man was threatened with a brick while his girlfriend was allegedly gang-raped repeatedly by three men at a building in Johannesburg as reported by, North Eastern Tribune.

The group of men first raped the woman using condoms and again, later without. The victim herself later exposed their deeds. This is according to Jeppe police spokesperson Captain Richard Munyayi.

The police at the crime scene later apprehended all three suspects. The incident involving a 23 year old woman, took place at a building along Wolhunter Street in Jeppestown on September 20 in the early hours of the morning.

The woman claims that she was standing with her boyfriend at the corner of Main and Kruger streets in Jeppestown when the three men approached them.

“They then told the boyfriend to hand over his girlfriend to them if he didn’t want to get injured,” said Munyayi.

“One of the men, apparently known to the victim, was carrying a brick in his hand and he grabbed her and took her away while his accomplices followed. The men dragged the woman threatening to hurt her if she screamed until they reached the room where the rape incident took place. ”

They first raped her while using a condom and later, again, without a condom, added Munyayi.

He claimed that when they finished they then blindfolded her, took her out of the building, put her in a taxi, and told her, the taxi would take her home.

The taxi driver asked her what had happened to her and she told him that the men raped her and the driver told her to get out of his taxi because he can’t take her home.

She then walked to the police station to report the matter and the police immediately took her to the crime scene.

It is understood that when the police arrived at the scene, the victim pointed to the room where all three suspects were found sleeping and used condoms were strewn across the room. The three suspects, aged between 20 and 35, were arrested and taken to Jeppe police station on charges of rape and will appear in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court soon while police investigations continue.

It still not clear what happened to the boyfriend and investigations are being made.


-The Citizen

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