When will stadiums reopen in SA? Mabuza points to ‘vaccinate target’


David Mabuza has been at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg today, as part of a campaign to encourage a higher vaccination uptake across the country.

The Deputy President has hinted that there is a plan to fully reopen stadiums in the near future – but he has a vaccination target in mind before that can happen.

With the promise to bring the vaccine rollout to ‘every village, suburb, and street corner’ before the end of the year, the deputy president said the government will look to follow the lead of the UK and Germany, who opened stadiums as vaccination rates climbed. But he also warned that SA ‘still has a long way to go’ before reaching these targets.

“We have no doubt that, with the active participation of leaders and practitioners in the creative sectors and sport, we will reach every village, every suburb and every street corner to get South Africans vaccinated.”

“For those countries who have reached population immunity, including the United Kingdom and Germany, normalcy is returning as they are now able to attend the sporting and cultural events of their choice. As South Africa, and Africa as a whole, we have a long way to go to reach levels of vaccination that allow us to follow suit.”


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