US lists Mozambique and DR Congo rebels as terrorists


The US has designated rebel groups in Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique as foreign terrorist organisations.

It said the groups, Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and Al Ansar al-Sunna, locally known as al-Shabaab in Mozambique, were affiliated to the global jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS).

Their leaders have been names as “specially designated global terrorists”.

They now face sanctions as a result of the designations.

“Among other consequences, all property and interests in property of those designated that are subject to US jurisdiction are blocked, and US persons are generally prohibited from engaging in any transactions with them,” said a statement by the US state department.

The ADF is a rebel group operating in eastern DR Congo, a country rich in minerals where government and UN forces have long battled to bring stability.

The group is reported to have killed hundreds of civilians since the country’s army launched an operation against them in late 2019.

Mozambique’s Ansar al-Sunna has been responsible for dozens of terror attacks in recent years, killing over 1,300 civilians since October 2017, noted the statement.

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