US election: Biden hits new battleground, Trump blitzes Midwest


Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump as a conman during a campaign foray into traditionally Republican territory.

In Georgia, Biden said that Trump’s handling of coronavirus amounted to a “capitulation”.

Trump kept blitzing the swing states that he won in 2016, warning in Michigan that its “economic survival” was on the line if Biden won.

According to opinion polls, Trump legs behind with a week to go.

But the race is tighter in critical battleground states such as Arizona, Florida and North Carolina.

More than 69 million people have already voted early by post or in person in a record-breaking surge driven mainly by the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Trump held rallies in Nebraska and two states he snatched from Democrats in 2016: Wisconsin and Michigan.

In Lansing, Michigan’s capital, he warned:  “This election is a matter of economic survival for Michigan.”

In a trip to Warm Springs, Georgia, on Tuesday, Biden vowed to be “a president who doesn’t divide us, but unites us” and someone who could “heal this nation”.

“Time and again throughout our history, we have seen the charlatans, the conmen, the phony populists – who have sought to play to our fears, appeal to our worst appetites, and pick at the oldest scabs we have for their own political gain.

“They appear when the nation has been hit the hardest and we’re at our most vulnerable. Never to solve anything. Always to benefit themselves,” said Biden.

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