Tshepi Vundla slams trolls ‘obsessing’ about why JR ‘hasn’t married her’


Social media influencer Tshepi Vundla wants trolls to keep their noses out of her romantic life.

She took to Twitter on Monday saying how annoyed she was by the constant questions about her relationship with musician and entrepreneur JR.

“The weird obsession with me being married or not is rather annoying. Get off my d*ck,” she wrote.

This comes after JR had an interview with MacG on his latest episode of Podcast And Chill.

In the interview, MacG referred to Tshepi as JR’s wife, but the musician quickly corrected him, saying he was not married to the influencer yet.

“I need to clarify she is not my wife yet. I think it’s very easy for guys to start dating someone for a couple of years and then start calling them their wife.”

MacG asked if he would be right to refer to their arrangement as “vat ‘n sit” (cohabitation), to which JR answered: “Yeah, it’s vat ’n sit. It’s a loving relationship. You know what I mean? It’s a family.”

In a recent social media campaign for GH Mumm, Tshepi reevaled she and her boyfriend had recently moved in together with their son.

“A new beginning. I recently celebrated moving house with my partner and my son,” said Mvundla.



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