Top SA lawyers question Covid-19 command council structure

South Africa

Johannesburg – Two South African top lawyers, Advocate Nazeer Cassim and Erin Richards, in a nine pages letter, addressed to President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed how they wish to obtain clarity on the structure and powers of the Covid-19 command council.

The lawyers expressed their concerns on the possible risks of constitutional and democratic malfunctions arising from what appears to be a questionable establishment and structure as well as functions of the National Command Council.

The NCC seems to display displacing constitutional and statutory functions under the Disaster Management Act (DMA) 57 of 2002 which puts parliamentary oversight into compromise, opening doors for abuse of power.

The pair question the body of the NCC that consists of only 19 members and demand for the disclosure of the whole construct of the NCC to be made available to them by Monday, 4 May 2020, no later than 13:00.

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