Third witness in Nathaniel Julies murder case corroborates previous testimonies

South Africa

Johannesburg – The third witness in the trial of Nathaniel Julies has corroborated evidence of two other witnesses about the details of how the 16-year-old boy was shot.

Tahira Kaldine was on Wednesday slapped with a warrant of arrest following her disappearance from court.

Three police officers are standing trial in the High Court in Palm Ridge.

Julies, a teenager with down-syndrome, was killed last year in Eldorado Park allegedly by police and his murder sparked outcry in the area.

“We heard someone in the van shouting at Nathaniel. We went back to where he was standing, and he was standing there eating something and then a gunshot went off. We ran inside my yard next door,” said Kaldine, explaining to the court what she saw on the day of the attack.

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