Restaurant demand clarity over sit-down services

South Africa

Johannesburg – The much-anticipated regulations allowing restaurants, cinemas, theatres and casinos to reopen were published on Thursday night.

All these businesses have to adhere to health protocols and social distancing measures, but these directions have not yet been issued by the government.

The restaurants say they are still waiting for the health protocols and social distancing measures from the government.

The Restaurant Association says they are ready to reopen and the delays are further crippling the industry.

“Included in the document is a lot of discrepancy as to what is the direction to allow restaurants to safely open,” said Wendy Alberts of the association.

The regulations allow for a maximum of 50 people in a cinema or theatre.

Casinos must restrict the number of people to 50% of the available floor space.

Patrons must maintain distance of at least one and a half metres from each other.

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