Restaurant and hospitality sectors renew calls for govt to lift curfew


Johannesburg – As the new year comes closer, there have been renewed calls for government to lift the Covid-19 lockdown curfew.

Earlier this week, the Democratic Alliance (DA) called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to end the curfew before New Year’s Eve.

The country remains on lockdown alert level 1, with the curfew from midnight to 4am in the morning.

And the restaurant industry, along with lobby groups and the hospitality industry, is backing this call.

“The reason for lockdown is that it was to adequately prepare the healthcare system and the necessary beds. What we do know is that there’s absolutely no evidence that curfew prevents the spread of the virus or no scientific evidence to say that by lifting the curfew there’ll be an influx of infections,” said the industry’s CEO Wendy Alberts.

She said that further economic devastation could not be allowed as many restaurants had already suffered.

She’s therefore appealing to the president to listen to their plea ahead of New Year’s Eve.

“We are absolutely in support of lifting the curfew for New Year’s Eve. We certainly believe that South Africa needs to be free and celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and family in a controlled safe environment. We certainly hope that we will be able to enjoy the celebration this year.”

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