R2-million boost for black-owned tourism sector hit by Covid-19


The Sekela Hospitality Support Programme (HSP) will give a R2-million a year economic boost to black-owned restaurants, catering and accommodation companies that were hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spokesperson of Sekela HSP, Edwin Ukama, said: “The aim of the programme is to provide a generous financial boost that would engage and benefit consumers, while helping businesses increase foot traffic and sales in order to increase revenue.”

Sekela said struggling businesses have already benefited from trade discounts, business coaching and financial support from the programme.

They will receive a stimulus that will attract customers to their establishments over the summer holiday season.

“Sekela HSP is now offering dozens of these business’s customers the opportunity to dine, visit and access their services – which range from holiday accommodation to dining, bakeries and catering – simply by engaging with their brands online,” Ukama said.

Customer marketing executive, Stewart Jones, said the programme aims to support the country’s hospitality industry, and invited all South Africans to support small local businesses to collectively help them thrive.

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