Pope rejects US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meeting


The Vatican has denied US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo an audience with Pope Francis.

The Holy See said the Pontiff does not receive politicians during an election period.

The move adds to a diplomatic row following Pompeo’s comments about China and the Catholic church.

The Vatican accused Pompeo of trying to use that issue to attract voters in November’s US presidential election.

Earlier this month, in an article, Pompeo said the Catholic Church was risking its “moral authority” by renewing an agreement with China regarding the appointment of bishops.

Donald Trump gets support from conservative religious movements, including conservative Catholic voters, some of whom think Pope Francis is too liberal.

According to human rights groups many Catholics are persecuted and driven underground for pledging allegiance to the Pope instead of an official Chinese Catholic association.

Despite this, in 2018 the Vatican made a deal with China to have some say over the appointment of Chinese bishops. At the time Pope Francis said he hoped the deal “will allow the wounds of the past to be overcome” and bring about full Catholic unity in China.

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