Poland presidential election heads for second round


Poland -Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has topped the first round of voting but must still go into a run-off vote in the presidential election.

The conservative Duda will face the liberal mayor of Warsaw, Rafal Trzaskowski, in the second round of votes in two weeks’ time.

With more than 99% of results in, Duda took just under 44% of the votes while Trzaskowski took just over 30%.

Turnout was rather high despite coronavirus and social-distancing restrictions.

Duda is the ally of the governing nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) Party and should he lose, the opposition could push through major changes in Polish politics.

The president had the power to veto legislation, so Duda’s re-election would be of benefit to PiS, which he is a former member.

Although the pandemic had not yet peaked, the government was desperate to have the elections in May. It eventually backed down when a junior coalition partner joined the opposition in saying PiS were putting elections before public health.


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