Pearl Thusi says attacking people about getting vaccinated makes less impact


TV presenter and actress Pearl Thusi has urged South Africans to be more tactful when it comes to convincing people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

The coronavirus vaccine roll-out kicked into high gear last week after the government announced that the 18 to 34 cohort were allowed to get vaccinated.

The roll-out seems to finally be moving forward at a brisk pace, with more people being eligible to receive the jab.

However, with more people opting to get vaccinated, those against the vaccine have also become more vocal.

On Saturday, anti-vax protesters gathered in front of the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, saying they did not want to get a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine – even though getting vaccinated is optional in South Africa.

Taking to social media, Thusi said actions spoke louder than words. She urged South Africans to refrain from attacking people to get vaccinated and, instead, take a kinder approach.

She said: “Ppl listen to your actions…not your words. Show ppl what you stand for and live your truth…

“Attacking ppl about getting vaccinated is less impactful than being kind and informative.”

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