Ntsiki reignites Sjava vs Lady Zamar saga


Johannesburg –  Controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai has reignited the rape saga which set tongues wagging when songstress Lady Zamar accused her ex-boyfriend Sjava.

It was reported that Lady Zamar had filed a case of rape against Sjava, for an incident that allegedly took place in Limpopo in 2017.

The news left the nation divided with some supporting Lady Zamar while others were behind Sjava.

Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter to ask the masses what must happen if lady Zamar lied about her being allegedly raped.

“Guys if Lady Zamar lied about rape what is the way forward???” asked the poet in a Twitter post.

Ntsiki’s tweet has sparked debate as some Twitter users are saying, Lady Zamar should be charged because she tainted Sjava’s reputation and humiliated him while others slammed Mazwai for her tweet saying as an activist she is not advocating for women.

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