Morocco locks down economic hub of Tangiers after virus spike


Morocco – Morocco has announced that a return to lockdown in the city of Tangiers as part of efforts to battle a new outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

A few weeks after easing nationwide restrictions, the northern port city of Tangiers was locked down, with public transport suspended, cafes and public spaces closed and movement restricted.

In a statement, the Interior Ministry said that residents are only allowed to leave their homes in cases of extreme necessity. The authorities decided to re-impose the measures to prevent the spread of the virus after new infection clusters appeared.

Tangiers, which is a key economic hub that links Africa and Europe and beyond, has about a million inhabitants. The region currently accounts for almost 20% of the country’s Covid-19 cases.

Morocco has been on lockdown since March 20, while the country announced that it would ease the restrictions on June 20.

Morocco has reported 16, 262 confirmed cases, with 2,182 active cases. 13,821 have recovered from the virus and the number of deaths is at 259.

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