Manyi denies enabling state capture

South Africa

Johannesburg – Former GCIS chief Mzwanele Manyi has denied that he enabled state capture as found by the state capture inquiry report.

Part I of the three-part report was released on Tuesday.

Manyi has been accused of dishing out millions in advertising to Gupta-owned TNA media.

At the time, he was a Gupta employee and eventually went on to buy their TV news station, ANN7. He, however, denied the allegations and accused the Zondo Commission of persecuting him.

“This is just a weakness and shoddiness in terms of what actually happened the first point to make is that R6-million that was paid is R6-million that was agreed to by various departments,” said Manyi.

“This notion that GCIS decides, is a misguided notion, there’s no GCIS that decides to spend money anywhere, departments make these decisions, the GCIS executes so if there was R6-million it was at the behest of DGs [director-generals] at the line departments.

“Just to show how factional this report is after Manyi left, I left 2012 if you look at 2013/14, 2014/15 there was much more that went to that paper but the DG or acting person that was there isn’t categorised as an enabler yet there was more money spent after Manyi left but the person there; because they’re in the right faction is not categorised as an enabler,” Manyi said.

“This decision is not a Manyi decision, it’s also not a GCIS decision that R6-million decision belongs to the line departments. I’ve been explaining this at the Zondo Commission but they just don’t get it.

“Purely because they’ve got a predetermined outcome to besmirch one’s name and mess up ones reputation this is what this is about.”


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