A BANK manager has been detained by the Drug Enforcement Commission in connection with  fugitive Pamela Gondwe’s alleged theft of over US$400, 000 from  Barclays Bank.

This follows the interrogation of other workers from the Longacres branch.

The Daily Nation has learnt that, DEC had detained a manager to help with investigations into the bank heist involving more than $400, 000.

DEC public relations officer, Theresa Katongo could neither deny nor confirm the detention of the bank manager but promised to look into the matter when contacted for a comment.

Meanwhile, Ms Gondwe has been placed on the international police wanted list according to details obtained by the Daily Nation.

Early last month, Ms Gondwe hit social media headlines and social media platforms for allegedly walking away with over US$400,000 amounting to K5.3 million in a brazen raid of the bank vault.

The 37 year old accountant was working at the Barclays Bank Longacres branch in Lusaka where she was assigned to one of the financial institution’s vault.

According to an earlier report from the DEC, Ms Gondwe was entrusted with the vault keys and on the material day, she told one of her workmate who also had access to the vault that she had received instructions from the Head of finance to get the serial numbers for all the dollars in the vault.

The duo then opened the vault and started recording serial numbers and while the exercise was going on, Ms Gondwe offered her workmate some food to eat and while the colleague was eating in the canteen she loaded all the dollars in the bag and hid it within the premises.

When the colleague returned she told her that she had already locked her part she was rushing to the saloon and that using the back door, she sneaked out but forgot her phone.

An online publication claimed that after she left, the branch manager became suspicious and went to check the vault and only to discover that the money was stolen.

Ms Gondwe who is still on the run was now on the international Criminal Police Organisation’s (INTERPOL) wanted list.

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