Mali’s president agrees to hold dialogue aimed at forming unity government


Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita announced on Tuesday that he would hold talks on establishment a new unity government, after weeks of escalating criticism from the country’s political opposition.

In his speech, the president also suggested the first steps towards reforming the constitutional court and the national parliament.

This came as Keita has been struggling to get political support in the volatile country over a jihadist revolt that first broke out in the north in 2012.

The violence has since spread to other parts of the country, inflaming ethnic tensions.

The country’s economic stagnation, faltering public services, and a widespread perception of corrupt governance have also fed opposition to Keita.

On Tuesday, Keita announced that he would “begin consultations for the formation of a government of national unity,” in an apparent overture to Mali’s political opposition.

In April, the constitutional court in the country caused controversy when it overturned several results for parliamentary seats in the recent elections.

Keita’s promise to hold talks on a new unity government suggests the inclusion of opposition figures, but it’s not yet clear who exactly would be invited to join.

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