Lesego ‘Coconut Kelz’ Tlhabi addresses ‘well-intentioned’ homophobes


Johannesburg – Satirist Lesego “Coconut Kelz” Tlhabi has sparked an interesting debate on social media after she chose to address the type of homophobia that usually presents itself in comments from “pro-gay” people but in fact dehumanizes members of the LGBTQI+ community.

As the world continue to celebrate Pride month, Tlhabi felt it appropriate to address comment she says are usually made by people who “mean well” but still contain prejudice, even when it is subtle.

“I need to find the words to discuss the type of homophobia that homogenises gay people and though it doesn’t come from a bad place, often stereotypes and dehumanises. The thing of ‘I love the gays’ or ‘I want a gay bestie’. It’s well-meaning but if white people said ‘I love the blacks…’,” she said in a tweet.

She said more people needed to be aware of the power of their words and how they affect members of the LGBTQI+ community in their space.

“It’s in the same family as automatically using ‘queer lingo’ the moment you find out someone is gay. I have done a Kelz video around the type. The same people who go to ‘chomi’ when they are within. It’s not coming necessarily from a bad place but the result is the same.

“Now queer folk have to perform for you and entertain you. Most of these ‘friendships’ are based on gay people having to be that kind of gay character you find entertaining. Don’t come talk about the murders or violence. Let’s just kiki, make me laugh and be on all the time,” Lesego explained.

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