Kenyans ask IMF to stop giving country loans


Kenyans have began signing an online petition asking the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to give the government any more loans citing corruption.

Through the hashtag #StopLoaningKenya, Kenya have circulated the online petition link while also giving more reasons why no more lending should occur.

The discussion began days following IMF approving a 275billion Kenyan shillings ($2.4 billion) loan for Kenya to aid in the Covid-19 response.

Kenya’s public debt has grown by more than 1 trillion shillings in the last year, reported the Daily Nation newspaper.

Kenyans online have quoted President Uhuru Kenyatta’s statement that the country loses two billion shillings every day to corruption.

The country’s Treasury Secretary Ukur Yattani defended the loan saying it was important for the recovery of the economy that was badly hit by Covid-19.

The online petition has continued to attract signatures from Kenyans who have also commented on the IMF’s social media accounts, asking the institution to hold the government to account for previous loans.


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