Johnson: UK will support whatever Sweden decides on Nato


Asked what happens if Sweden needs help in the “grey zone” after it applies to join Nato but before it is accepted, Johnson said there’s a “separate conversation going on” about Sweden’s Nato membership and joining the alliance is “a matter for Sweden”.

Sweden is yet to announce whether it has decided to apply for Nato membership or not.

Johnson said the UK will “support whatever of course of action Sweden decides to embark upon” regarding membership.

He also says that “in the event of a disaster or an attack upon Sweden, the UK would come to the assistance of Sweden with whatever Sweden requested”.

Swedish PM Andersson said the pact could include military support in times of crisis.

Johnson added that it’s important that Sweden is giving the same support to the UK in the declaration they have just signed – describing the pact as an important “paving stone for developing relations in the future”.

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