Israel blasts Human Right Watch report accusing it of committing the ‘crime of apartheid’


Human Rights Watch said on Thursday that Israel is committing the crime of “apartheid” by seeking to maintain Jewish “domination” over Palestinians and its own Arab population, an allegation fiercely denounced by Israel.

Israel, currently being investigated by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes, blasted the accusations as “preposterous and false” and accused the New York-based group of having “a long-standing anti-Israeli agenda”.

The HRW said it found that Israel is “committing the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution” against Palestinians was based on robust sourcing including government planning materials and statements by public officials.

The 213-page report finds that the Israel government is the “single authority” with primary control “over the area between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea”.

Within that territory, there is “an overarching Israeli government policy to maintain the domination by Jewish Israelis over Palestinians,” said HRW.


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