Hong Kong: Boris Johnson urged to form alliance over China security law


At least seven UK foreign secretaries have urged Boris Johnson to form a global alliance to coordinate the response to the China-Hong Kong crisis.

China is facing criticism over a planned security law which would make it a crime to undermine Beijing’s authority.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the UK would not turn a blind eye.

Hong Kong was handed back to China from British control in 1997 but under a unique agreement.

Amidst fears that the proposed law could compromise some of the freedoms guaranteed by the Basic Law, the seven secretaries wrote a letter to the prime minister. In the letter, they said the UK government must be seen to lead the international response, as many countries take their cue from Britain over its former colony.

Jeremy Hunt, Jack Straw, David Owen, Margaret Beckett, William Hague, David Miliband, and Malcolm Rifkind express their concerns at what they call China’s “flagrant breach” of Sino-British agreements by imposing tough national security law on Hong Kong.

They urged Johnson to set up an “international contact group” of allies to coordinate any joint action, similar to that of 1994 to try to end the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

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