Heartbroken Texas school massacre town begs Biden to ‘do something’


Desperate pleas for a stop to the gun massacres plaguing the United States rang out Sunday during President Joe Biden’s visit to Uvalde, where he prayed for the 19 children and two teachers slain by a teen gunman in the small Texas town.

“Do something!” rang out shouts from a crowd in the street as Biden left Sacred Heart Church where he attended mass mourning relatives.

“We will. We will,” Biden responded to the crowd, before heading to private meetings with relatives of the dead and with first responders.

Biden, accompanied by his wife, Jill Biden, was in Uvalde less than two weeks after making similar trip to the site of another mass shooting – this time targeting African Americans in a racist attack – in Buffalo, New York.

The first couple began by visiting a makeshift shrine at Robb Elementary School, where last Tuesday the teen gunman walked in with an AR-15-type semi-automatic and began his slaughter.

The Bidens held hands in front of the memorial, walking slowly along the thicket of wreaths, bouquets, white crosses and blown-up photos of the slain children.

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