Halsey clarifies their pronouns: ‘I’m happy with either she or they’


Halsey is “happy with either” she or they pronoun, after their recent change to their social media profiles left some fans confused over which pronouns to use.

The “Without Me” hitmaker – who is currently expecting their first child with their boyfriend Alev Aydin – recently changed their bio on Instagram and Twitter to let their fans know their pronouns are “she/they”, and has now clarified exactly what that means.

In an Instagram post, Halsey wrote: “for those asking RE: my updated IG bio, I am happy with either pronouns 🙂 the inclusion of ‘they’, in addition to ‘she’, feels most authentic to me.

“If you know me at all you know what it means to me to express this outwardly. thanks for being the best (sic)”.

Halsey updated their pronouns earlier this month by adding them to their social media accounts, but chose not to make a statement about the change.

When fans noticed the alteraction and sent their love and support to the 26-year-old  singer simply wrote “thank u (sic)” on their Instagram story alongside a heart emoji.

This news comes after Halsey recently said their pregnancy has levelled their “perception of gender entirely”, as having a baby had not given them the “binary feelings about womanhood” that they expected.

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