Gambia Truth Commission recommends Jammeh be tried


The Gambian Truth and Reconciliation Commission has found President Yahya Jammeh responsible for a spate of killings, rapes and torture during his 22-year long dictatorship and recommended that he be tried before an international tribunal.

“Over a period of 22 years, starting from July 22, 1994, Yahya Jammeh and… co-perpetrators committed very serious crimes against the people of The Gambia,” said the commission in a statement.

The commission said that Jammeh and his henchmen, including a personal hit squad called the Junglas, were responsible for 44 specific crimes against journalists, ex-soldiers, political rivals and civilians.

It recommended d “prosecuting Yahya Jammeh and his co-perpetrators in an international tribunal” in West Africa outside of Gambia, under either the African Union or the ECOWAS regional group, added the statement.

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