Future Air Travel: Four-hour process, self-check-in, disinfection, immunity passes


Once airports and border reopen and people are allowed to fly freely, there is already a process ready to make flying easier for people.

With some changes already taking place and more recommendations before airports can safely open again to commercial routes, experts are now calling the coronavirus ‘the new terrorism,’ triggering the biggest crisis the airline industry has ever faced.

Experts say check-in could take up to four hours with the process of sanitising the passengers and luggage, social distancing and wider spaces for various lines and waiting boards included.

They also say they expect slower turnarounds between flight because of the need to perform thorough cleaning of cabins and following strict sanitary measures at airports.

Digital technology and automation will play a critical role in the future of air travel. Companies like Qantas, British Airways and EasyJet are already using technology.

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