Fitness enthusiast Thandi Matlaila is Spar Grand Prix ambassador


The annual Spar Grand Prix has appointed multi-talented media personality and fitness enthusiast Thandi Matlaila as its brand ambassador for 2022 under the theme #IRise.

Matlaila will appear at multiple events throughout the country. The actress and fitness enthusiast has been partnering with brands that are part of a drive to ensure South Africans are making healthy decisions and taking ownership of their wellness.

Matlaila, who is well-invested in the participation of women in sports, has an Instagram show #WellnessOnWednesdays. In this show, she unpacks layers of wellness and invites fellow industry mates and friends to share their stories of how they overcame struggles.

“My brand is all about holistic wellness and the Spar Grand Prix plays a huge role in that. Not only is it about the physical race, but there is so much more behind the brand, advocating for women’s rights,” said Matlaila.

She has started a journey of bringing wellness experiences to people through #ThandyMWellness days, of which one was held at the weekend where she hosted a “Hot Yoga” experience at the Wanderers Stadium.

The actress will also be joining 1Magic’s Lingashoni and her debut will be in less than a month.

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