DRC – Kabila to remain in politics after December polls


Joseph Kabila the president of The Democratic Republic Of congo, on Sunday said he plans to stay on in politics even when he steps down after elections which are set for 23rd December.

He said this during an an interview he had with Reuters and that he does not rule out running again for president in 2023. Speaking on his role after the upcoming election, he said he will help to ensure a stable nation.

“My role will be to make sure that we don’t go back to square one. Square one meaning where we found the Congo 20, 22 years ago. My role will be to do that by advising, by giving all the necessary information, advice to be taken or not taken so that we don’t go back to the years that should be history in this country,” he said.

The elections which have been delayed numerous times, will mark Congo’s first democratic transfer of power and an end to Kabila’s reign which began in 2001 after the former head of state – his father was assassinated.

He further said that the delay in elections was because they wanted to ensure that elections would be perfect without any mishaps.

“Why don’t we wait for 2023? In order for us to envision anything No, ruling out in politics, in life in fact, you shouldn’t rule out anything because anything and everything is possible. But the question is what’s the bigger picture? Its not just a matter of running in 2023 or 2024 or whatever,” Kabika said.

“Regrets I always never want to talk about regrets . I never want to talk about regrets because I believe that each and everything happens for a reason. We’ve managed to give the best that we could for our country. That was in itself a task and a mission. Secondly do we have any regrets no, not at all. But our achievements,” he added.


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