Donald Trump to restart election rallies on key slavery date


US President Donald Trump is to hold his first re-election campaign rally for several months in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the date that African Americans celebrate the end of slavery.

The rally is said to take place on 19 June, known as “Juneteenth”.

In 1921 the city of Tulsa was the site of one of the worst massacres of black people in US history.

The news of this campaign rally follows weeks of anti-racism protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, 46, a black man, in police custody.

The Trump campaign said his Republican Party was proud of its role in winning the Civil War and ending slavery. Trump’s rallies, seen as vital for energising his base, were suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak in March.

He faces re-election in November but is lagging behind his Democrat rival Joe Biden in the polls.

During his announcement of the venue, Trump said there were low rates of coronavirus infections in Oklahoma – at 7,500 cases one of the lowest in the country.

He added that more rallies would take place in Florida, Texas and Arizona, but did not mention what safety precautions would be taken and whether social distancing would be applied.

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