Cricket SA in a complete mess, sports minister Mthethwa tells MPs


Johannesburg – Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa said that Cricket South Africa (CSA) was in a “complete mess” and a shadow of its former self.

The sports minister and CSA officials appeared before Parliament’s sports committee on Friday on Friday.

The crisis at Cricket South Africa reached a peak last week when the minister invoked his powers to deregister and defund the organisation after its Members’ Council voted against amendments to its constitution to allow for restructuring.

Mthethwa has slammed it for its lack of leadership.

“The problems which relate to misgovernance, lack of leadership at Cricket South Africa which has created a situation that Cricket South Africa is such a mess that it is a shade of its former self, as one respected the world over,” he said.

Mthethwa said that the move would not stop CSA from transforming.

“The changes which we’ve said, we made it very clear from the beginning that we will not negotiate – we do not negotiate transformation. It must be implemented,” added Mthethwa.

CSA interim board chairperson, Stavros Nicolaou, told the committee that they would be nominating board directors and would elect a new board soon.


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