Covid vaccines: Macron proposes sending 4-5% of doses to poor nations


French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Europe and the US to urgently send up to 5% of their coronavirus vaccine supplies to developing nations.

Macron said the failure to share vaccines fairly would entrench global inequality.

The vast majority of vaccinations have been administered by high-income countries so far.

Macron proposed his plan to address the imbalance ahead of a G7 virtual summit of world leaders on Friday.

The White House has said US President Joe Biden will announce a pledge of $4bn in funding for a global vaccine0sharing scheme, known as Covax.

110 million people have been infected with the virus worldwide and more than 2.4 million have died, to date, according to figures from the John Hopkins University.

“We’re not talking about billions of doses immediately, or billions and billions of euros,” said Macron.

“It’s about much more rapidly allocating 4-5% of the doses we have.

“It won’t change our vaccination campaigns, but each country should set aside a small number of the doses it has to transfer tens of millions of them, but very fast, so that people on the ground see it happening.”

Macron said German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported a European vaccine-sharing initiative, adding that he hoped to win the backing of the US as well.

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