Coronavirus: Seven Zimbabwe babies stillborn in one night at hospital


Harare –Seven babies were stillborn at Harare Central Hospital in Zimbabwe on Monday night after urgent treatment was delayed because of staffing issues, two doctors confirmed.

It is said that nurses are on strike nationwide because of a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other concerns, and the maternity wards were overwhelmed.

One doctor said Monday’s deaths were “tip of the iceberg”.

The health sector has been hit by a Covid-19 procurement scandal.

It’s alleged that multi-million dollar contracts were awarded to buy supplies at inflated prices and the health minister has been sacked over the allegations.

A leaked government response to senior doctors, who wrote to complain about conditions and to threaten strike action, acknowledged “challenges” in hospitals, an “increase in poor outcomes” and a serious shortage of medical supplies because of a lack of foreign currency, but urged medical staff “to reconsider your intention of withdrawing services”.

The deaths at the hospital were first published by Dr. Peter Magombeyi, who tweeted”, “We have been robbed of our future, including our unborn babies. Please stop the looting.”

Two doctors with high knowledge of the situation at the hospital confirmed that on Monday night eight Caesarean section operations were performed. Seven of the babies were stillborn.

“There was very, very late intervention,” said one doctor.



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