Coronavirus: Pastor urges churches to ‘step up and roar’ against forced closure amidst lockdown


A Kentucky pastor is urging religious leaders to re-open their churches and “step up and roar” against forced closures put in place to prevent the spread coronavirus.

Pastor Brian Gibson, pastor of a megachurch with branches in Kentucky and Texas, alongside at least 50 other churches are urging religious leaders to demand re-opening their sites for worship.

“We need people to stand up and roar. There is a time to be quiet, a time to be the lamb, but today is the day to be the lion.”

The His Chruch pastor says it is unreasonable that some businesses could reopen while churches were forced to stay closed.

“Restrictions eased up on everyone around us but we couldn’t do business as normal as the church,” Gibson said.

“We’re looking across the road at fast-food places handing out french fries. Liquor stores are serving patrons, but the church is the bad guy.”

Gibson added that citizens need to “stand up for our First Amendment rights,”



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