Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 tablets are more affordable than ever, starting at $60


Amazon’s Fire HD 8 are $30 off today at Amazon and Best Buy, according to The base model with a 30GB of storage costs $60, which is usually $90. If you want the wireless charging option and to upgrade the RAM to make things a little more smooth with multiple app open, the Fire HD 8Plus is $80 (usually $110).

The bundle that includes the Fire HD 8 Plus and a wireless charging dock is $30 off, costing $120 today instead of $150.

Both of these tablets have a USB-C port for faster charging than previous iterations of the Fire HD 8, as well as a faster Media Tek processor.

Compared to other Android tablets, the app selection is limited to ones that work on Amazon’s Fire OS.

Dieter Bohn point out in his recent review of the Fire HD 8 Plus, most of the popular ones are accounted for, like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify, to me a few.

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