21 abducted schoolchildren rescued in Northwestern Nigeria


At least 21 schoolchildren in Nigeria have been rescued hours after they were abducted by armed groups in the West African country’s troubled northwestern region.

In a statement police spokesperson, Mohammed Shehu, said that the children on Friday while they were moving from the Bakura area with their teachers to an Islamic school in neighbouring Katsina state.

Security forces responded and rescued the 21 pupils and are “currently working to rescue the remaining victims and apprehend the perpetrators,” said Shehu.

The statement did not clarify the number of hostages that are still being held but said the assailants seized travelers from as many as five vehicles, suggesting there are many more still in captivity.

“We are going to go after each and every one of them (the gunmen) until all Nigerians feel safe to go about their normal businesses,” said senior official Edward Gabkwet.

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